The College Logo

The Logo of the college reflects the basic functions, aims, objectives, ideals and aspirations of the Institute.

The Brush, Pencil and Pen with Heads above symbolize the transmission of knowledge of the teacher to the student and the relentless quest towards this transmission.

The title "ART & DESIGN" indicates the level at which this transmission takes place, as distinguished from other Design Institutes.

It also represents "Designpreneurship", which is the distinctive "VISION" of the college; to develop potential job and wealth creation as different from common job seekers.

Below is printed the name of the College in short form SFIAD represent 'SUCCESS' as well as, 'PEACE and ‘TRANQULLITY’; the essence of the values of the Institute's Patron Saint, St. Francis of Assisi, that the College professes and wishes to impart to its stakeholders.