Code of Conduct

We emphasize on importance to ethical behavior and moral living in keeping with high value of education campus environment. Our campus is strictly a no smoking zone. Use of tobacco and tobacco based products etc. are strictly prohibited. Ragging or Indecent behavior of any kind and dishonesty will attract disciplinary action including termination of admission.

We follow a dress code i.e. Uniform approved by the institute at the time of admission. Students are expected to wear the uniform along with ID cards everyday while in campus. Indecent dressing & not abiding with the rules of the institute will be liable for disciplinary action.


 Study Tours: National & International

Students are exposed to the reality of art and design through study tours and site visits and it is a part of education for Interior Design. Therefore, it is compulsory for all the students to participate in both study tours and site visits. We also Believe "When we can expose our students to experience International world as learning programs like study visit, it creates open-minded, patient, and globally-oriented learning skill, and also develop an International outlook in the learning design process." International study tour is also being introduced for the students to get maximum exposure.

Annual Day

Annual day is yet an occasion for cultural activity where the students, professors, members of the staff and management come together for fellowship and friendship. Student's talents in the field of performing arts like play, music, dance, elocution, singing, and various entertainment programmes are discovered and encouraged by giving suitable recognition

Annual Exhibition

The Students College Projects are being displayed at an Annual Exhibition named as “DRISHTI”, which is held in every Year in the Month of March. This is an opportunity for each studentgets an opportunity of showcase their talents through their best work. The students of different colleges, Alumni, Parents, relatives, friends, reputed Interior Designers, Architects visit this annual event.
The college awards prizes for the best projects adjudged as the best by a panel of judges who include, apart from the members of the staff, eminent Architects and Interior Designers from the industry.
Various sponsored prizes are also awarded by the Institution, Industry and Alumni connected with the field of Architecture and Interior Design. Academic Excellence of the students of each class is being awarded at the time Annual Exhibition” DRISHTI”.

Annual Magazine

As part of the educational programme, SFIADians organize "Expeditions – Connecting Futures" an annual college magazine. It is a unique endeavour of students of SFIAD through a series of visit, workshop, marketing and presentation to enhance entrepreneurial skills and become professionals before entering the world of design. This enterprise also paves way for students to get in touch with professionals and corporates.

Convocation Day

The convocation day is the highlight of every student's life. It marks the culmination of their academic life at SFIAD. Every year in the Month of January the Convocation Day is solemnly celebrated respecting each and every student and parents in the college auditorium. The solemn functions commence with the procession and the Annual Report and highlighted the advancements made by the institute in the last one year and the stature it has earned in academic excellence and corporate interface.
The day is also awaited by SFIADians to be, the day they can walk out the hallowed portals of this college with a Master Diploma/Diploma in hand. The convocation day is a very touching day as scores of former students descend into college to collect the parchment that sets them free to reach greater heights. Previous editions have seen celebrated alumnus come down to confer degrees onto the latest batch of former students along with gold medals to the toppers.

Seminars & Personality Skills

The Institute organizes special Lectures, Seminars & Symposiums at regular intervals. We are conducting various personality development programs such as developing communication skills, attitude, and career development for improving the performance of students, and are focusing on campus and off-campus interviews. Experts and practicing professionals in reputed fields are invited. Students greatly benefit from these seminars for their future career specialization, and the development of their personality.
Seminar also provides the student success with the tools and techniques that will help them be successful in their program of study at SFIAD. This also helps to develop academic success skills, assists others in job and instructs. Skills like: Communication Skills, Critical Thinking, Goal Setting, Health & Wellness, Individual Strengths, Learning Styles, Money Management, Note-taking Memory, Problem Solving, Reading, Stress Management, VastuShastra, Visualization Skills, Some Business Strategy Skills, Study Skills, and Time Management etc.

Public Speaking Programme

Communication is very important to every student as he/she is in the threshold of entering into a very competitive corporate world. Communication is an art and it cannot be cultivated overnight. Without this skill a student might not ever climb the ladder of success in his/her life.
Since students are coming from many backgrounds, the management has brought this compulsive Programme for them in the first semester itself so that they can master the skill of communication.

Marketing Strategy & Presentation

1) Students have to develop in-depth knowledge on identifying, attracting, and evaluating clients.
2)To evaluate marketing alternatives and commit to a course of action, using financial, organizational, environmental and ethical criteria to guide decision-making.
3) To learn and use information technology tools for client's research and strategic performance.
4) To apply marketing skills, doing client-based projects, company internships, community service, and managing student organization.


The students are also provided with ample opportunities to develop their skills and talents. It is therefore, no surprise while distinguishing themselves in their academic performance; they also excel in extra and co-curricular activities. SYNERGY is a mega event conducted by St. Francis Institutions, every year, which provide amble opportunities to each student to express his/her, talents.


The College Internship Programme at SFIAD provides individualized, post-secondary academic, internship and independent working experiences for MDID students. During internship, students will have real responsibility, real work, and real opportunities to jumpstart their career.
It's an experience one will never find in a classroom. Students will be given manageable assignments that one can experience, and their efforts will likely take shape as design professionals. Students also could learn the time management, office management, a marketing strategy, and the possibilities are endless. Seeing their work! Some students even parlay their experience into a job offer.


One of the prime objectives of SFIAD is to lay the foundation of the career of its students after study. With this in mind placement cell is formed. This important forum on campus is to help the students to be aware of the industry in terms of opportunities for growth, job profile and remunerations offered. It also gives the students a chance to interact with the employees of the companies and learn more about the work culture. It is a matter of pride to state that all our students who complete their exams are given placement through the institution.

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of SFIAD is an autonomous body representing hundreds of Designers & Artists who have secured their Master Diplomas and Diplomas from St. Francis Institute of Art & Design. It binds together SFIADians who are spread out around the globe. The backbone of Alumni is the relentless support and co-operation of all SFIADians who live in India and Abroad and they are proud to announce, "SFIAD made me what I' am today".