St. Francis Institute of Art & Design

St. Francis Institute of Art & Design (SFIAD) was established in 1986, with the aim of training aspiring artists and designers into competent professionals. It is situated in the beautiful green belt on the S.V.P. Road, Borivli (W) Mumbai. The institution has an added advantage of having a quite, serene and congenial atmosphere-which keep students and staff fresh day and out. Over the years, the Institute has created a hallmark through its learning methodologies, incorporating new initiatives in the field of education. It is this diversity that allows a student to develop his or her uniqueness and style retaining their own identities. It is this quality of education that makes this Institute an outstanding one in the field of Art & Design. Whatever their backgrounds, their desire is the same... to learn the professional expertise needed to create beautiful interior environment.
We feel it is our mission to provide students with a solid foundation of basic skills in business and design and help them to develop their own creative vision. The current available courses offer students, development of their aesthetic-technical abilities in the field of Interior Design, Photography and the allied art related subjects. The common endeavor is to provide students a wide variety of inputs, which are useful for the development of required design competencies.

Interior Design – Overview

Over the millennia, as man has slowly evolved from an outdoor hunter gather into an indoor settler, the understanding of spaces for habitation has become more and more complex and demanding. The earliest signs of his interest in creating personalized indoor spaces can be seen as long back to B.C. as cave paintings in the west. Ever since, there has been a need to understand his complex need for safe shelter combined with an intrinsic drive for wild explorations. Adding to this primary need is the additional demand of creating harmony between space functionality and aesthetics came into force.
You will discover the essence of functionality, safety and quality of interior spaces, with a special focus on understanding the key differences between private homes, public buildings and business or institutional facilities. All with the help of cutting edge design technology.