Academic details

Teaching Scheme for Diploma (Three Years Part time)
Tue. & Thu. 4.30 pm To 8.30 pm & Sat. 8.30 am to12.30 pm
(Yearly Semester: July to December and January to May)

First Year

Theory (History and Material specification) - Basic Design - Graphic Design - Construction Technology - Design Projects (Residential) – Computer: Auto CAD - Introduction to Psychology - Personality Development I -Public Speaking I

Second Year

Design Projects (Commercial) - Estimation -I - Model Making – Working Drawing - Research Methodology I - Furniture Design- Construction Technology -  Computer Photoshop & 3D Studio Max, Personality Development and Public Speaking II- Marketing.

Third Year

Services - Estimation -II – Design Project (Interior Architecture) – Working Drawing Practical approach (on computer) - Computer – 3d Studio Max & Photoshop, Guest Lectures light & fittings- Professional Practice – Final Thesis Project.

Final Design Thesis Project

The aim of this module is to build on prior knowledge and design skills gained by students, so they can generate practical and innovative design solutions and can manage a project from inception to completion. This is a self-project that enables students to pursue a specialist area of their own choice. And to demonstrate that they have reached maturity by making key decisions and justifying those decisions with sound reasons. Students will be required to set their own schedule for completing various key stages of this project, and in doing so they will demonstrate highly resolved interior design ability coupled with discipline to manage projects and complete work to deadlines. This project is an appropriate preparation for entry to the professional interior design industry where DID students will be required to work autonomously and independently with the field.