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Principal's Message



St. Francis Institute of Art & Design has a distinguished place in India with reference to the curriculum offered with specialization provision for students who are aspiring to become professional in the field of art & design. As an Institute with gigantic resources and years of experience in providing art oriented professional courses, the students of SFIAD are in a position of distinct advantages over those who choose to be career oriented. The Institute has a very impressive design & art oriented subjects, which are combined in a wide variety of ways. The management of SFIAD put themselves out first- rate career for student with a stress on year-on-year excellent result and placements.

Our target is to provide maximum opportunities for student through our close knowledge and understanding. The college has a long history of liaison with the corporates together with extensive link with industry on local, regional and international levels, providing a very rich array of progression routes

The college is well known nationally and internationally for its student support systems. The combination of high quality staff, good resources and extensive support of student not less than 500 students are freelancers in the field. The preparation offered to students who wish to progress to employment from the college is equally impressive and many students begin the process of their career development in during internship itself.