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Our Vision
To become a distinguished international centre of education in Art & Design, noted for developing artists and designers with outstanding professional competence in order to attain highest degrees of personal achievement and performance leading to assumption of important leadership roles to become creative forces in the society.
Our Mission
To provide a dynamic learning environment, promoting discoveries, ideas, creativity and innovation for the education of artists and designers who can cut across boundaries with other professions, and become leaders in the world of art and design.  We will develop competent and responsible artists and designers in tune with Franciscan ideals of Peace and Love.
Course Objectives
  • To identify design requirements with consideration of environmental factors, professional design standards, and economic considerations.
  • To develop an aesthetic ability to critique a variety of designs for communication in visual format.
  • To create a resourceful environment that will enable the designers to become professional designprenears.
  • To master a master plan of space for habitation and commerce.